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#018 Books + Podcasts

In today's blog, I would like to continue the theme of sharing some inspirational books along with a few podcasts. These are great resources for anyone especially if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.

E-Myth Revisited

Micheal E. Gerber

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E-Myth is a a great book if you are thinking of starting a new business or are already running a business. Micheal Gerber offers some great advice for small business owners.

The Untethered Soul

Micheal A. Singer

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The Untethered Soul is not directly a business book however, Micheal Singer offers some great insight on the deeper parts of our soul that can translate into good business practices.

Getting to Yes with Yourself

William Ury

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William Ury writes about finding what our deepest internal desire are and how these can effect every relationship in our lives from personal to business.

What Customers Crave

Nicholas Crave

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I have just started reading this one however, there is some great insight on how to not only connect with customers on a deeper level but with everyone around us.

The Business of Architecture

Link to website here!

This one is a great podcast for small firm architects teaching very relevant business tools to the architect community.


Link to website here!

Similar to The Business of Architecture, EntreArchitect is a inspiring podcast offering great advice for small firm Architects.

Smart Passive Income

Link to website here!

Smart Passive Income covers many aspects of running an online business that translate well to any business. This is one podcast that I can highly recommend to anyone looking to start a business of any kind.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment below if you have any book or podcast suggestions.

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