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Licensed Architect | Owner

With over a decade of professional experience in the Architecture and Construction industries, Duff Bangs formed modFORM LLC  in 2017.   After gaining invaluable experience working for BUILD LLC in Seattle, WA for nearly 10 years, Duff opened a new Architecture practice to create a new impact on Architecture and design in North Central & Western Washington.  Duff's goal for modFORM LLC is not only to create beautiful structures, but to improve the way we live. Duff is passionate about people and spaces, and always designs with functionality in mind.


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modFORM LLC is an innovative and modern Architecture practice that works with clients to provide architectural services and solutions to take a project from the inception stage to completion.  modFORM is committed to social responsibility and creating comfortable functional and inspiring environments.  We identify critical patterns in the environment and make connections to create a seamless and cohesive project.


modFORM is committed to creating projects that benefit the client in the most empowering way possible.  We promote modern design and create beautiful and comfortable environments which encourage clients to feel inspired.  modFORM is committed to transforming communities and transforming built environments through identifying patterns and understanding where to mesh with the current state or progress into a new form.  


Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce - Member

Our Valley Our Future - Housing Solutions Group

Building NCW - Member

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