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Originally posted by our friends at modFLOOR PLAN LLC on June 8th, 2023

Throughout the years the design and layout of homes continues to evolve and shape around how people use and operate their home at the time. At times these trends are "timeless" and are carried on throughout the years and at other times these trends only tend to be appropriate for a few years then a new thing comes along. In the blog we will talk about what design trends we see in homes in 2023.  


In primary living spaces such as a living room there tends to be a seating area and a "viewing" area. Within this viewing area there will be a TV, windows looking to an exterior view or a fireplace. Or there will be a combination of all three. With TVs becoming thinner and lighter, there are many more options as to where the place the TV. A popular placement currently is placing a TV above a fireplace. When a view is present, some people may place a centrally located fireplace a TV with windows on either side. Or in some cases a TV/fireplace may be placed at the opposite side of the view.


A separate toilet room or water closet also has been a trend. This is a small room with a bathroom that holds a toilet. This allows more privacy when two occupants are using a bathroom. This room can be surrounded by a standard framed wall or could also be framed by frosted glass walls.

 Image courtesy of modFORM LLC 


This typically refers to one large open room that contains the kitchen, dining and living rooms. This allows for a better way for homeowners to entertain guests while preparing meals. This also a better way for families to feel connected when using these rooms rather than separating each function into an individual room.


With kitchens becoming more open to the rest of the home, there is a challenge as to where to hide the mess of meal preparation. Pantries are growing larger not only to accommodate more storage but to also to act as a second kitchen. Secondary appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, full sets of cabinets and countertops and sinks are being placed inside of pantries. This gives a place to stash dirty dishes out of site while homeowners continue to entertain. These types of pantries are sometimes called Butler's2 Pantries.

Image courtesy of modFORM LLC 


Another kitchen trend showing up is the placement of two kitchen islands. This generally works in kitchens with larger amounts of room. Two islands generally provide larger and deeper work surfaces for meal preparation.

Image courtesy of modFORM LLC 



Within kitchens and bathrooms the use of subway tiles as a backsplash has become trendy. Subways tiles are generally smaller, 2"x3" and typically are a glossy white. The grout will typically be white, black or a gray tone. The glossy finish allows for easy cleaning.

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Brass fixtures are becoming more trendy as well. Brass colors are by no way a new thing. In fact many original plumbing fixtures tended to be brass or copper because the materials were much easier to work with to form the curvy plumbing fixtures shapes.

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This can either be structural framing such as large beams or columns, or this can be finish materials such as planks. These materials are sourced from older buildings such as barns. Reclaimed wood is desirable not only because of its weathered patina but also because of the difficulty in finding these materials any more. For example, large framing members such as a beam made from a fir tree are difficult to find as many of these larger trees have been logged within the last century.


This is an aesthetic typically defined by decorative bits. The signature colors for modern farmhouse are white exterior walls, black roof, black trim and black windows. The siding tends to be board and batten to give it a more farmhouse look. The windows will also tend to have a mullion grid within each glass pane. Kitchens will have a more traditional stile and rail cabinet type painted in a mono-tone such as white, black or grey.

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This is a way of laying out a home so the occupants can live within while they get older without modifying the overall design. One of the larger characteristics of an aging in place home is a single level with no stairs. If multiple levels are needed, a primary bedroom/bathroom suite will be placed on the same level as the kitchen, and dining level. Other features are wider 36" doors to accommodate wheelchairs, wider hallways, and lever style door handles for easy grabbing.  

This is just a short list of design trends we are seeing as of late. Some or these may be indeed "trendy" and may fade withing the next few years. Others may truly be very useful for bow and others may continue to be usefule for many years to come.  

Thanks for reading!

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