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The Latest from modFORM LLC

Spring has been off to a great start in North Central Washington! The weather is getting warmer, the flower are blooming in the hills and all of modFORM's projects are making great progress!


It is exciting to see the progress on this one! Windows and doors are installed, and siding is starting to go up!


With spectacular views across the valley, construction will start soon on the home located in the hills north of Wenatchee.

Located in the hills on Manson, this project is set for construction in the next few months.

Located high above the hills of Lake Chelan, the project has expansive views to the east looking towards the Columbia River and the Waterville Plateau.

Located just down the hill from Lake Chelan, directly on the Columbia River, this home has great views of cliffs to north and Chelan Butte to the east.

Thanks for reading.

Check out other projects, past, current and future HERE.

Stay tuned for the next modFORM LLC blog post.

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