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The other day, my wife and I rode our bikes on a back country road from Wenatchee to a little bakery just outside of Cashmere. Along this scenic ride tucked into the various fruit orchards are some very intriguing old barns and fruit warehouse buildings. This made me think, "How cool would be it to revive some of these old buildings into various forms of housing or or perhaps cafes or coffee shops. And funnily enough, our destination, Anjou Bakery, happens to be a perfect example of such a project. The folks at Anjou Bakery rehabbed an old barn into a cool bakery and espresso cafe. Below are just a few examples of the multitude of old barn structures scattered across NCW.

Anjou Bakery near Cashmere, WA

An interesting little building next to Anjou Bakery used as a wayfinding device. I am not quite sure what this building originally was.

An old fruit storage warehouse constructed of board-form concrete.

This is one of my favorites. The mix of brick, corrugated steal and large timber framing makes an excellent composition. This appears to be some old storage building for orchards.

This one is not a barn but a really cool old bridge.

An old barn with a very nice weathered patina.

This old barn in the background has a very nice form.

Another storage building which appears to be still in use.

This one may have been some sort of mechanical building. Perhaps a pump house for the canal?

An old cabin which I imagine was surround once by an orchard.

There are some really great examples of modern adaptions of old agricultural buildings out in the world. Comment below and share some of your favorite examples. Thanks for reading!

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