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#006 The Coleman Oil Building

Image by modFORM LLC

Ever since I moved back to Wenatchee in August of 2017, I have taken notice of this very interesting white and blue industrial building just south of the train station in Wenatchee, WA. It is located at the intersection of South Columbia and Chehalis Street. I do not know its proper name but, I have been calling it the Coleman Oil building since that is the way it is labeled on Google maps.

Currently, it appears the building is mostly vacant perhaps used as a partial storage building for the Premium Harvest company next door. I cannot seem to find much, if any, history of the building on the internet but it would appear that it was used for some sort of industrial manufacturing when it was originally built. The tall windows are usually an indication that whatever manufacturing took place inside, required a large amount of lighting. Artificial lighting wasn't the greatest at the time this building was constructed so, the best option was to provide as much natural day lighting as possible. And what better place for that than sunny Wenatchee.

I am uncertain of the future of this building but, I would be very curious to see what it would take to convert this building into a cool industrial mixed use loft. Many cities all over the world take very similar industrial buildings and areas and convert them into bright and vibrant mixed used neighborhoods. One great example is Yaletown in Vancouver, BC seen in the image below.

The form and layout of the Coleman Oil building merits some cool hip cafe, bar or restaurant on the ground floor with condos of apartments on the upper floors. The large open windows would provide some amazing light for the living spaces on all levels. And the building is located within great proximity to downtown, the loop trail and Pybus market. Creating a little living hub such as this would attract a great crowd of urban dwellers throughout our city to help to boost the vitality of downtown Wenatchee.

Image by modFORM LLC

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Would this be a great building to convert into a mixed use development? Does anyone know the history or future of this building? What are some other buildings in Wenatchee that would be cool to see renovated and converted?

Thanks for reading!

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