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ADUs Revisited

It has been several years since we had written our original ADU blog and we wanted to take a moment to revisit this topic and share some of our ADU projects.

While many of the topics we originally discussed are still relavent, there are some things we have learned and there have been some new codes changes depending on the jurisidicriin we have been working in. You can read our original blog HERE.


While many of the reasons to build an ADU still apply today, the following are the top reasons our clients are looking to build an ADU:

-More space for family and guests

-Rental purposes. Both short-term and long-term.

-An alternative to remodeling or adding to your original home. Sometimes it is easier to start with a new structure rather than retrofit and older structure.

-Sequence of construction. Some clients opt to build an ADU first to live in while their large primary home gets built.

-Equity purposes. Adding a second dwelling unit to your property is a great way to add equity to your overall property.

Here are some of our ADU projects:

Thanks for reading. If you have any additional questions or are looking to build an ADU of your own, feel free to reach out to us via the contact form.

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