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#003 High Desert Cabin Inspiration

Continuing the Case Study theme introduced in last weeks post , this weeks post will be a highlight of inspiring homes and cabins designed for high desert and mountain regions. This is a fun study of what other architects have done to design for regions much like Eastern Washington. Enjoy!

Project Name: New Caelifera

Location: Winthrop, WA

Architect: Johnston Architects

Photo courtesy of Johnston Architect

Project Name: 510 Cabin

Location: Wofford Heights, CA

Architect: Hunter Leggitt Studio

Photo courtesy of Hunter Leggitt Studio

Project Name: Nakai

Location: Southeast Utah

Architect: DesignBuildBLUFF

Photo courtesy of DesignBuildBLUFF

Location: Tehachapi Mountains, CA

Architect: Tom Kundig

Photo Courtesy of Dwell: Gentl and Hyers

Project Name: iTHouse

Location: Pioneertown, CA

Architect: Taalman & Koch Architecture

Photo courtesy of Taalman & Koch Architecture

Project Name: Rimrock Ranch House

Location: Rimrock Ranch

Architect: Lloyd Russell

Photo courtesy of Lloyd Russell

Project Name: Marfa Weehouse

Location: Marfa, TX

Architect: Alchemy

Photo courtesy of Alchemy

Project Name: Barn Guest House

Location: Pheonix, AZ

Architect: the construction zone, ltd

Photo courtesy of Construction Zone

Please leave a comment below if you have any other inspiring cabins you would like to share.

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