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#016 Wenatchee Switchyard Building

Continuing the theme of last week's blog post, I want to write another post highlighting an interesting old building here in Wentachee. I want to start writing these posts with a consistent format of describing a brief history of the building, What It Was, a brief description of what it is now, What It Is, and fun exercise of envisioning what the building could be, What Could It Be?

So in today's post, I am going to write about the electrical switchyard located at the end of Chehalis Street near the Columbia River.

What It Was

I am unsure what this building was however, because of its proximity to the railroad tracks, I would guess it has something to do with the railroad industry. The building does not have much ornament so most likely it has always been part of some sort of industrial use.

What It Is

This brick building among all the electrical transformers and other equipment appears to be abandoned. However, it is possible it is used for some sort of storage.

What Could It Be?

Now for the fun part. With this building located so close to the Loop trail, there would be a great opportunity to utilize this as some sort of sport store for running or cycling or both. Or perhaps this would make a great kayak or paddle board rental spot since it is so close to the river.

And of course, my favorite, this would make a great coffee shop, bakery, brewery or cafe. With its larger windows, this building would most likely have some great interior lighting as well as provide some great views of the Columbia River.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you have any ideas for what this building could be!

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